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Benjamin Billups

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I help small businesses increase productivity and overcome technology challenges.

I build and install custom computers for small businesses.

Call me at 832-819-2040 to discuss the technology challenges you’re experiencing.


Here's What You'll Get...

Here are a few benefits you’ll get by working with me.

Focus on Billable Hours

When you’re troubleshooting your computer issues, it takes away from your billable hours.

Help Your Clients Effeciently

An out-of-date computer and slow internet connection hurts office productivity. Keep your computer updated and increase the internet speed. The difference may be noticeable.

You'll Sleep Better at Night

You sleep better when you’re less stressed, right?

I want to make your life easier by handling your computer network concerns.

Flexible Scheduling

Evening and weekend appointments are now available because you’re busy. It may be better to resolve any technical issues while the office is less crowded.

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Call me at 832-819-2040 for your FREE consultation.

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